How to control the profit from the units invested?

the units invested

To control the profit or loss from the units wagered, we must again resort to the yield, although in this case we are going to learn how it is calculated and how it is interpreted.

If our yield was -8%, this would mean that we are losing $8 per month for every $100 invested and therefore we would have to modify our betting strategy. This is how profit or possible losses are controlled by the units invested.

What are betting units?

In short, a betting unit is the amount that we decide to invest in a bet and that, under normal conditions, is usually equivalent to 1% of our bankroll (money we have available to invest). This term, very often used by tipsters, will vary depending on the bankroll we have. Let’s see an example.

  • If we have a bankroll of $100. A betting unit can be 1$.
  • If we have a bankroll of $500. One betting unit can be $5.

So, the value of a betting unit will change depending on the money we have to bet (bankroll).

How to calculate betting units?

units won in sports betting

As we mentioned before, one betting unit is equivalent to 1% of our bankroll. Therefore, it is convenient to handle bankrolls such as $100, $200 or $300, as in these cases one betting unit would be equivalent to $1, $2 or $3, respectively. However, no matter how much bankroll you have, it is very easy to calculate how much a betting unit is worth.

Is there a formula for calculating betting units?

To calculate betting units we simply follow a simple rule of 3, taking into account that each betting unit is equivalent to 1% of the bankroll.


  • 357 (bankroll) = X$ (betting unit)
  • 100 (bankroll) = $1 (betting unit)

By subtracting we have that:

  • X $ = 357 / 100 = 3.57 $

In this way, we can calculate how much a betting unit is worth, regardless of the bankroll we have.

Is a unit the same as a stake?

betting units

Although they are similar concepts, they really need to be differentiated, as they talk about similar but really different things. Let’s see what each one means:

Betting unit: It represents a % of our bankroll. One unit usually has an equivalence of 1%, so for bankrolls of $100 it would be equivalent to $1.

Stake: Represents the amount of units we put on a bet. In this case, the stake is directly related to the confidence you have in a certain event. Therefore, it is normal to use a Stake scale from 1 to 10, so we can bet from 1% of our bankroll up to 10% depending on how confident we are that we will be successful.

What are the units won in sports betting?

Units won in sports betting is what is known as “yield”, a concept commonly used among bettors and which represents the % we win or lose for every $100 wagered.

It is possible to calculate this yield using a simple formula, so we can learn how to manage these winning units in a simple way.

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